Yehudit Sasportas

Mar 30 – Dec 31, 2022

Sommer Contemporary Art is delighted to announce the participation of Yehudit Sasportas with the Liquid Desert Project’s new chapter: No Man’s Land – The Time Dwellers, Liquid Desert project within the frame of the group exhibition Locus Solus at Arter Museum, Istanbul, curated by Selen Ansen.


Locus Solus is the second museum exhibition to manifest the Liquid Desert Project, with the installation: No-Man’s Land – The Time Dwellers, in which Sasportas pursues her years-long, process-based project that builds complex correspondences between the human psyche, human-made architecture and natural sites.


From the exhibition text by Selen Ansen: “The exhibition invites the audience on a journey through subterranean, heavenly and terrestrial realms, subconscious territories, past and lost or fantasized and never-existed places and various landscapes. The installation No-Man’s Land is an integral part of the Liquid Desert Project that the artist Yehudit Sasportas has been elaborating over the past 7 years with the aim of mapping individual and collective subconscious space.