After 20 successful years at Rothschild Boulevard, and a brief period on Herzl Street, in the heart of Tel Aviv, Sommer Contemporary Art has now entered its third decade of activity. We have relocated to an exciting new space in the Kiryat Hamelacha neighbourhood of Tel Aviv, an emerging hub for artists and creatives in the city.


This new space, formerly a Judaica factory, adds a unique historical touch to the gallery’s ambiance, creating an inspiring atmosphere that encourages a focus on site-specific productions and special projects. Exhibitions in this new space will continue to feature a diverse mix of prominent local artists, as well as up-and-coming local talents and renowned international artists. 


Since its founding in 1999, the gallery has been committed to promoting Israeli artists, while also representing and exhibiting leading international artists. Distinguished by the deep relationships it develops with artists, ranging from emerging and mid-career to established, Sommer Contemporary Art fosters a vital and ongoing conversation with various art institutions, resulting in meaningful exhibitions, publications, and engaging artist and curator talks.  


In 2016, Sommer Contemporary Art opened an additional space in Zurich called The Sommer Salon. This salon-like venue provides an intimate setting for meaningful talks, exhibitions and encounters, fostering connections between artists and art enthusiasts.  The gallery’s expansion continues to build sustainable relationships beyond borders and cultivate gatherings that facilitate cultural exchange, especially in alignment with the current challenging times.