Online Special: Jakob Kolding

Aug 10 – Aug 31, 2020

Sommer Contemporary Art is pleased to present an online exhibition of works by Berlin-based artist Jakob Kolding​. Jakob Kolding is renowned for installations that revolve around cut-out life-sized figures and his works stem from found materials, forming three dimensional collages that incorporate the visitors and the space.


Jakob Kolding’s visually dynamic compositions are comprised from graphic figures that create an imperfect illusion: the sculptures present a realistic façade and a wooden back, purposely revealing their prop-like aesthetic. The figures operate both as individual works and as a collective group. The use of real clothing and textiles applied to the cut-out wood figures adds an additional layer, both physical and symbolic, to the question of representation. The figures are in a sense simultaneously “real” and “signs” and the addition of clothing is further blurring this in between position. While Jakob Kolding’s sculptures function as three dimensional collages, he also creates works on paper, using a variety of sources: contemporary culture, art history, pop, hip-hop, science fiction and more.


Jakob Kolding (b. 1971,  Albertslund, Denmark) lives and works in Berlin. He has participated, among others, in exhibitions at S3, Sommer Contemporary Art, Zurich (2018), Salzburger Kunstverein, Salzburg (2018), Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv (2017), Neubauer Collegium, Chicago (2016), Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam (2010), Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen (2007), Fotogalleriet, Oslo (2004), Centre d’Edition Contemporaine, Geneva (2003) and Kunstverein Hamburg, Hamburg (2001).


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