Naama Arad

Feb 26 – May 01, 2021

Sommer Contemporary Art is excited to announce the opening of “A Part From Me,” a collaborative exhibition of gallery artist Naama Arad with Tchelet Ram at Artport, 10 Ha’manor Street, Tel Aviv.

From the exhibition text:
“A residential apartment is being built inside Artport gallery. Front door, kitchen, bedroom, window, driveway. Its boundaries are fluid—the gallery’s interior and the apartment’s exterior blend; its identity is unclear—vacant but teeming with signs of life. In the exhibition ‘A Part from Me,’ Tchelet Ram and Naama Arad guide us through the house. Via works rife with humor, they explore the gap between the “house” which marks boundaries between exterior and interior, setting us apart from the rest of the world, and the imaginary “home,” the object of our inner desire; between the place to which a person returns at the end of the day, and the place which one never reaches.”