Michal Helfman

Jun 17, 2020 – Apr 03, 2021

Sommer Contemporary Art is pleased to announce Michal Helfman’s solo exhibition “Dear a.s.a\p”, at the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Israel. The exhibition deals with the artistic image in times of crisis and uncertainty. Michal Helfman features attempts of settling the artistic act in frontier zones that are in constant change, by creating deserted and haunted spaces reminiscent of border controls, prison facilities and, alternately, the backstage areas in museums and theaters. The exhibition has two entrances leading to two different zones: the Time route and the Show route. The breaking of the expression “showtime” points to the exhibition’s two axes: one deals with the axis of time (history, present and future) while the other deals with the act of performance and show (human and artistic).