Lihi Turjeman’s new Artist Book Unearth

Sommer Contemporary Art is pleased to announce “Unearth”, Lihi Turjeman’s first artist book. Unearth spans over a decade of the Israeli painter’s work (b. 1985) and is divided into three chapters: the first, “Path to the Present”, includes mainly the pot paintings created in the last two years. The second, “Center of Gravity”, includes various projects created in residency programs around the world, and functions as the book’s own center of gravity. The third chapter, “Brenner”, encompasses Turjeman’s early projects, created between and from the crumbling walls of two buildings earmarked for demolition on Brenner Street in Tel Aviv.

Within the chapters, small inserts feature smaller-sized paintings, drawings, or series that extend and diverge from the period’s characteristic works. Thus, the book’s unique design creates typological concatenations within as well as between the periods, challenges its tripartite division, and enables a browsing experience loyal to the way Turjeman’s works

constantly change in scale and orientation. The diverse texts accompanying the book offer theoretical, personal, and philosophical perspectives on Turjeman’s creation, allowing insights into her unique working processes and to her relentless probing of the walls that surround us, and the land we stand on.


Book photos: Yair Meyuhas and Shiraz Greenbaum

Editor in Chief: Keren Goldberg
Contributors: Keren Goldberg, Avigail Ben-Dor Niv, Efi Gen, Dr. Noam Segal, Tal Gafni and Dr. Shira Stav
Translation and proofreading: Ami Asher
Design: Eran Tal
224 pages, black and white, color
ISBN: 978-965-599-892-4