Zurich Pop-UP

Jun 08 – Jun 10, 2018

Yael Bartana | Entartate Kunst Lebt; Jakob Kolding | Dress Rehearsals

Following the recent opening of Sommer Contemporary Art’s Zürich office, we are happy to announce the inauguration of a Pop up exhibition in a rooftop apartment in the very center of Zürich. The exhibition will present works by Yael Bartana and Jakob Kolding.


The creation of an imperfect illusion is a leading concept in Kolding’s work, and plays a main role in this exhibition (also insinuated in the show’s title). Contrary to the idea of an artwork being a finished whole in itself, this installation is focused on the notion that any representation, image or space, is manifested and completed solely by the participation of a viewer.


The video Degenerate Art Lives, a 16 mm film installation by the Israeli artist Yael Bartana who lives in Berlin and as such connects it to Zurich. The artistic work is an act of recovering Dix lost works as well as his criticism of false ideals, patriotism, nationalism and heroism against the background of the First World War.


In the current exhibition, both artists are dealing with archival forms while exploring the use of found imagery and refer to art history as an essential part of subject matter