Zurich Pop-UP

Jun 10 – Jun 30, 2017

Naama Arad, Eran Nave | A Freak Like Me; Guy Ben-Ner | Soundtrack

Sommer Contemporary Art is happy to announce a pop-up exhibition in Zurich. the exhibition will take place in a rooftop apartment in central Zurich and will present an installation with site-specific works created for and within this location. The exhibition follows the recent opening of Sommer Contemporary Art’s Zurich office, operating in addition to the Tel Aviv gallery space.


The exhibition will feature works by artists Guy Ben Ner, Naama Arad and Eran Nave, who have taken over a completely residential surroundings to create a unique and fleeting project. Common to all three artists is their focus on the process and mechanism of producing art, and the sense of an idiosyncratic logic that dictates their practice. The exhibited works are hand made with low-tech materials and share a homemade sensibility which is echoed in the apartment’s surrounding.


Acclaimed artist Guy Ben Ner will show the video work “Soundtrack”, showcasing his long-time preoccupation with matters related to the home as grounds for philosophical and interdisciplinary debate. Ben Ner, having previously presented works in venues such as Munster Sculpture Project, Biennale di Venezia, P.S.1 and MoMa, is constantly redefining his role as a protagonist in his films while using the media itself to expose the trickery that is inherent to any art-making process.


Naama Arad and Eran Nave will create a collaborative installation responding specifically to this temporary setting while taking over the space. Both Arad and Nave deal with issues of materiality, humor and camp, while demonstrating a clear preference towards mundane materials and frail subject matters.


Arad is an artist trained at Bezalel Academy of the Arts in Jerusalem and the School of the Art Institute, Chicago. Her works, often site-specific sculpture installations, relate both to the physical materials that compose objects and spaces, as well as the metaphysical weights that inhabit them. Nave received his BFA and MFA from the Bezalel Academy of the Arts in Jerusalem, and is consistently undermining typical notions of refinement and coherence in his works.