Tamar Harpaz / NOW

Mar 07 – Apr 13, 2024

What is a protected space –

does it have a door of steel

or walls of reinforced concrete

does the door have a special lock

are the windows sealed shut.


Do rats creep in. Can chemicals seep.

Is the glass bulletproof.

Do noises leak.

Do you hear your neighbors’ footsteps

can sunlight penetrate

Does the wind blow through?


Tamar Harpaz uses household objects, light and sound to create sculptures that function as improvised storytelling machines. Integrated into meandering installations, these constructions unfold into narratives that explore the cinematic and spectacular, while simultaneously revealing the mechanism of their making.


For the installation titled NOW, Harpaz constructs a bare and melancholic portrait of the present. Furniture and household utensils are embalmed into dysfunctional tombstones, challenging the viewer’s relationship with mundane objects and collapsing domestic space.


Special thanks to Oded Rimon


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