Yael Bartana / Sommer Salon

Feb 28 – Feb 28, 2019

Sommer Contemporary Art is excited to bring together a selection of talks with renowned Israeli artists from the gallery’s roster, who will contextualize and elaborate on core issues of their practice. In a series of intimate talks, prominent artists working both within Israel and in the international arena will discuss the cultural and political influences that have shaped their personal and artistic perspectives, while commenting on the manner in which their work is affected by their nativity and current habitats. The series is aimed at providing a unique glimpse into the emotional and intellectual processes behind the works of leading artists in various media – a group that simultaneously belongs to the global art community yet whose members stem from and are molded by a particular culture that is both extremely unique and deeply conflicted. Each encounter will feature a different artist who will share their thoughts about past works and current practice, allowing for an open and personal dialogue to take place.