Paloma Varga Weisz / Solo Exhibition

May 27 – Aug 15, 2009

Paloma Varga Weisz’s first show at the gallery comprises of water color paintings, wood- carved and plaster sculptures. This body of works is a continuation of her investigation into Western cultural history based on myth, folklore, contemporary media and defining works of art. The figures in both paintings and sculptures seem to belong to a world at once familiar and far, members of a bygone era transformed in contemporary terms. Remnants of a fictional time, fantastic by nature of their unassuming presence. The imaginative figures that emerge from these humble origins persist even in the face of growing industrialization, proving the long and continuing life of these craft traditions. Transcending pastiche, her installations do not find root in their source-material alone, but rather gain their meaning through their transformation of form, their evolution from the homely to the fantastic. Just as she creates imaginative interventions with the world that surrounds her and its history, Varga Weisz’s mis-en-scene become less a presentation of fact and more of a tale she weaves.