Muntean / Rosenblum / NEMESIMS

Dec 22, 2011 – Feb 11, 2012

In the popular computer game ‘The Sims’, the player is presented with a bird’s eye view of a standard American family home and the simulated people who live inside. This synoptic perspective turns the player into an omnipotent god with the power to watch his subjects and interfere with their simulated lives from above. Many facets of the game resemble those of a training simulator for contemporary consumer culture, since its goal, namely to keep “The Sims” happy, can only be obtained by managing them so that they earn increasing amounts of money. In turn, this achieved wealth has to be spent on consumable goods from practical and functional products to books and fine art. The consequential relationship between happiness and the endless stream of mass market goods and services that has become the backbone of contemporary capitalistic society could not be expressed more bluntly.



The Muntean/Rosenblum installation takes a clear critical stand in relation to the cultural and economic reality at present. ‘The Sim’s’ narrative confronts the notion that the world is defined by the individuals’ consumer choices which demands staying updated at all times with the market in order to maintain the illusion that you control your life. Muntean/Rosenblum chose ‘The Sims’ as a model for their installation, which functions as an architectonical display for the artworks. Graphic elements from the game turn into sculptural elements in the gallery space that create a tangible coherent whole. This artists approach allows the viewer to reflect on the historical reality using thematic and architectonic choices in their work. The characteristics of the present exhibition and the desire for Muntean/Rosenblum to establish a dialogue with different artists initiated the cooperation between Sommer gallery and Givon gallery that will exhibit a number of their artists’ work in the installation space.