Gregor Hildebrandt / Milky Milky Milky

Jun 09 – Sep 02, 2023

Having previously curated two white-themed group exhibitions, in Germany and in Denmark, Berlin-based artist Gregor Hildebrandt now converts the Sommer Salon into an immersive white bar experience. Renowned for his use of outdated recording media like cassette tapes, vinyl records, and VHS tapes, Hildebrandt skillfully crafts sculptures and paintings that embed hidden musical elements. In his upcoming exhibition, opening during Zürich Art Weekend, Hildebrandt draws inspiration from bars tailored to artists, that have played a pivotal role in nurturing and facilitating legendary debates.

Milky Milky Milky, Hildebrandt’s fully functional bar, stands not only as a sculpture but also as a place for encounters and a stage for other works by the artist. All works stem from objects sourced from the music industry, which Hildebrandt has translated, manipulated, and expanded upon to foster an environment that sparks interaction and collaboration.