Jul 08 – Aug 20, 2011

Naama Arad, Lior Ophir, and Tchelet Ram

Lobby is part of a series of exhibitions that have taken place at gallery for the past three years. In each exhibition from the series, three artists were displayed in a common space (The Invisible Snake Show, 2008: Michal Helfman, Sharon Yaari, and Itzik Livneh; Fixed Variable, 2010: Haim Elmoznino, Tamar Harpaz, Lior Waterman; and Adequate, 2011: Michaela Eichwald, David Lieske, Nick Mauss). The series intends to expose the process of art making, to allow the spectator to look inwards at the backbone of production, and to provide an updated view of what is being created here and now. The installation of different works shown side by side expose and investigate qualities and nuances of the artists work, while at the same time it emphasizes different dialogues that are possible between generations, themes, and styles. In addition, from a wider point of view, the series introduces questions regarding contemporary art trends as well as the choice of certain important landmarks in the history of art, finding the importance of material while revealing its unique qualities and a continued examination of its boundaries and limits.