Eran Nave / Living Strangers

Mar 15 – May 25, 2024

“Living Strangers” by Eran Nave brings together new works in painting, drawing and sculpture. In the era of the sinking empire, Nave finds meaning in the transformative nature of time. Fading traces of life are laid out in the room, constructing a random and poignant sequence of existence.
A stone gazes in the mirror and does not understand. This is not another narcissistic composition, the stranger living inside is looking right back. When the head disconnected from the body, the moon couldn’t believe its own eyes. A swimming pool looks like a fish tank when viewed through the screen of a security camera.
When technology is appropriated for the distortion of perspective, Nave’s gaze turns inward in a desperate attempt to envision an alternative reality. Models crafted by hand illustrate an evolution of work accidents. The recognition that space and time equal distance reveals the built-in failure of progress. The need to keep moving forward constitutes decay as a condition for attachment.
The smearing of chalk leaves a record of continuity. The line slithers between release and control. Precisely by being limited, the drawing hand reveals a truth: a petrified movement is also the image of potential. Sculpting life out of scraps, attempting to reassemble a portrait of a man.

Naama Arad