In Restless Dreams I Walk Alone

Apr 11 – Jul 15, 2019

Omer Halperin (1984, Israel), Dorota Jurczak (1978, Poland), Netally Schlosser (1979, Israel), Amelie von Wulffen (1966, Germany), Mark van Yetter (1978, USA), Thomas Zipp (1966, Germany)

The exhibition presents a group of young international and local painters whose work is representational, sometimes narrative and engages with the idea of the in-between as in-between genders, times and desires. Inhabited by slippery characters, strange creatures, figures that lie somewhere between human and animal, or between human and inanimate, they all seem to stage theater like settings. Sometimes it’s a theater of cruelty, sometimes that of a rather clown-esque humor that shifts between different fictions and realities, often evoking a dreamlike state. A main focus of the exhibition is the increasing relevance and interest in poratraiture and the representation of bodies that have the freedom to become something else. The often psychedelic figures seems to have fallen out of time, unclear if they are speaking to us from a distant past or near future. Some whisper, some scream but they all resist a clear revelation.