Tal R / Satie Moon Walking

May 30 – Aug 15, 2018

“Satie Moon Walking” presents a group of sculptures Tal R is nesting under what he calls “Chimney School of Sculpture” – a title carrying several layers of meaning. A series of narrow and tall sculptures, made of wood and covered with colored fabrics, expresses the artist’s interest in the chimney as a vessel with a life of its own. In the interval between fire burning inside and smoke expelled outside, there is a passage of materials, essence and information, now separated from the system and treated independently. An additional series includes ceramic works created in a traditional Japanese firing technique, called Raku – something Tal R refers to as “The Rock N Roll of ceramics”. As part of this treatment clay goes through a
series of frantic transformations, while changes in temperature and oxygen levels around it create unexpected effects in color and shape. During this process the object resembles a chunk of burning lava, rapidly changing and on the verge of explosion. The Raku pieces appear like creatures in arrested development, moments before coming into their final shape. This transition is another manifestation of the chimney idea, as the artist is again preoccupied with the in-between moment, not the beginning or the end.